What is this?

The Mehazael Multiverse contains the imaginary worlds of me, a. k. a. Mehazael*. Science fiction, cyberpunk, fantasy, urban fantasy, dystopic what if-settings… there’s quite a few swirling around in my brain. And I thought it was about time I shared them with someone.

This site is dedicated to the stories that make it all the way from my mind onto my computer screen. They are standalone by default, but each world has its own timeline, and every story has a set spot on their respective timeline.

As the author here, I’m curious about what you as a reader think about my work (with one exception). So, here’s a few requests:

  • Love what you’re reading? Let me know! Leave a comment, or use the mail form on the Contact-page.
  • Hate what you’re reading? Don’t tell me. Keep it to yourself or spill it elsewhere. You won’t get any response or publicity for it here anyway.
  • Find typos or grammatical errors? Other linguistical abominations? Enlighten me! English isn’t my primary language, and online dictionaries only covers so much.
  • Is the font and/or the colors making the text hard to read? Please tell me, and I’ll see if I can change it for the better.
  • Any special kind of story you’d like to read? Favorite character you want to know more about? A mentioning you want the wholy story behind? Do tell! No promises made, but chances are higher if I hear about it, right.


The copyrights of the content on this site belongs to Marcus Myhr.